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Formed in 2014 Mitchells Fold are a very unique boutique band based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.

Taking influences from several genres of music, they perform their own original material in their own unique style, and, driven by the desire to explore that “bit of unfinished business” in a good song they visit familiar covers in an unfamiliar way.

No backing tapes, no gadgets or gizmos, just live music for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Meet the Fold

Paula Ching Wen HSU_DSC_0053


Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.

Founding  member, born in a village in the County of Worcestershire, Uk, he first started singing in the church choir and then the school choir. Took up guitar in his 30's and played and sang in various bands based around the 3 Counties. Moved to the Gold Coast in 2010.

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Suzy J

Mandolin, Whistle, Percussion, Vocals

Founding member, born in Worcestershire, UK, she attended dance academy at the age of 6 and gave it up at 16 to be a singer. Working both as a solo and in bands. Suzy and Robin met in 2000 when she joined a 60's cover band he was fronting and they have played together ever since.

Emmy Lou

Percussion, Vocals

Born in country town of Goulburn, NSW, she was introduced to musicals/stage plays at an early age and followed in Mother's footsteps. Moved to Gold Coast in 2008, and teamed up with Robin and Suzy in 2012.



Born in Taranaki NZ,  he started playing guitar and bass at age 12, then studied music at high school and regularly played in bands.
In 2006 Izzy moved to Wellington to join a band on bass. They toured New Zealand extensively and recorded an album. He then joined a covers band in 2009, playing the circuit, including The Interislander Ferry.
He moved to The Gold Coast in 2011 to continue his musical adventure. He joined MitchellsFold in 2014 at an open mic session.



Born in Melbourne. Both his Father and Brother were drummers and he took it up around the age of 11. Moved to the Gold Coast in the late 70's playing in various bands in this area. He met Mitchells Fold at an open mic session in 2016, sat in on the "kit" and joined the band soon after.



Born in Amsterdam, his Father was a violinist and his mother a singer. He took up classical guitar at age 8, and along the way also learned to play keyboards and bass, playing in various bands around Amsterdam. Wil moved to The Gold Coast in the early 80's, met Mitchells Fold at another open mic session in the area, and joined after a jam on the bass.